Whitepaper v1.0

Last update: July 16. 2021.

Disclaimer: This document is a work-in-progress and may be updated without announcement. None of the information contained within is investment advice.

What is is a browser game. is a Space Shooter game. is NFT based game.

Types of spaceships:

There are 3 major categories of spaceships: S:A1, S:A2, and S:A3.

These 3 categories do not have an NFT template limitation and are minted whenever players earn enough credits to claim them.

Every category of a spaceship has a different shield, weapon power (fire rate), and charge time.

How do you play

You need at least one spaceship from alienshipsio collection to play the game. However, you can have as many spaceships as you like.

After you get 1 or more spaceships, you can earn credits by going on missions and shooting enemy alienships.

The score you get in the mission is converted to credits. One mission can bring 0 - 250 credits: 10 credits per alien ship destroyed, + 50 credits for a completed mission.

How to claim new spaceships?

After you earn enough credits, you can claim one of the spaceships.

It takes up to 48 hours for a claimed spaceship to be transferred to your wax account.

Is this a play-to-earn game? Do you have a token?

You can earn wax by selling claimed spaceships on secondary markets.

Right now we do not have plans to issue our own token. At least not before 2022.

Do you plan to add more missions?

Making the game more interesting and engaging is our top priority.

The first mission is made with non-gamers in mind.

Future missions will be much faster, more difficult, and with more enemies and challenges.

New weapons, add-ons?

New weapons and add-ons will be introduced in the form of NFTs as the game evolves.

What about mobile support?

Full mobile support is under development and should be available very soon.

Is there a way to earn credits without going to missions?

Right now no, but very soon spaceship HANGARS will be introduced as a way to earn credits from spaceships even if they are grounded.

However, the number of credits earned this way will be much smaller than the one earned in missions.

How do you plan to prevent devaluation of spaceships?

Since S:A1, S:A2 and S:A3 do not have limited templates and are minted whenever a new spaceship is claimed, that is a possibility we take seriously. However, several things are already implemented, or will be soon, to prevent this:

1. Claimed spaceships need to be earned by playing missions. This way number of credits that can be earned every day is limited and depends on the number of spaceships a player owns, the type of spaceships a player owns, and the player's dedication.

2. The amount of credits needed to claim a spaceship is not small. However, we will introduce auto-correction of credits needed to claim spaceships very soon. An auto-correction algorithm will use the number of minted spaceships so far and the current market price to adjust the credits needed to claim a spaceship. These adjustments will take place once every 24 hours.

3. Crafting (blending) spaceships. Future spaceship editions will be limited series. These spaceships will not be available for claims, but only crafted from A:S1, A:S2 and A:S3 spaceships.

What is SPACE MAP?

The SPACE MAP will introduce stars, planets and interplanetary missions. The idea is to bring a bit of adventure to the arcade!

It is planned for the end of 2021, and will be announced around that time.

Disclaimer: This document is a work-in-progress and may be updated without announcement. None of the information contained within is investment advice.